Ham Stone

Ham Hill QuarryHam Stone is the name given to the Jurassic-period warm limestone solely extracted from Ham Hill in Somerset. Characterised by its honey-gold colour, Hamstone contains small clay inclusions whose areas weather differentially to give weathered Ham Stone its characteristic furrowed appearance. As well as the general construction of buildings, Hamstone is also used in flooring, walling, worktops, windows, fireplaces along with its purely decorative properties.

Ham & Doulting operate one of two Ham Stone quarries at Ham Hill which is the longest running Hamstone quarry in existence and is situated to the northern end of Ham Hill near the famous Ham Hill monument. Their methods used in the extraction of hamstone are low impact and consequently sympathetic to the environment, working in harmony with the surroundings.

In fact Ham and Doulting have done their part in conserving a rare type of lichen which grows exclusively in the area as well as funding an annual survey to ensure its protection. It has also designed and built the ham stone circle near the monument.

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